A film and television service enterprises as director, producer, production management and technical personnel co founded, our creative staff and production professionals, each with creative energy and strong technical background, and digital management and production capacity. Customers' creativity and ideas can enjoy the perfect experience here.
Our services include film and television creation and production, film and television animation creation and design, interactive design and planning, new media technology and applications. The specifications and technical service, and first-class talent is the cornerstone of the company adhering to the "first-class quality assurance, to maintain a level of credibility" business philosophy, the highest degree of satisfaction with professional management, innovative technologies and services to achieve customer's mission, vision and image communication applications into the world class ranks of producers —— is qicaiyun culture media vision.


我们的服务囊括影视创作与制作;影视动漫创作与制作; 互动设计与规划; 新媒体技术与应用。以一流人才与技术、规格与服务为基石,公司秉承“保证一流质量,保持一级信誉”的经营理念,以专业管理、创新技术与服务来达成客户的最高满意度为使命,迈入视觉影像传达与应用的世界级制片人行列——是七彩云文化传媒的愿景。